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Mobile Websites

It's been a couple of years since the use of mobile devices surpassed computers in online retail activity. That means that worldwide, people are actually shopping online with phones and tablets MORE than with desktop or laptop computers. Overall internet usage is also becoming dominated by mobile devices, which reached a level of fifty percent of internet access in the United States in January of 2014. Now, research reveals that more than two thirds of American adults have smartphones and more than half own tablets. Because of the huge number of mobile device users, Google is now favoring mobile friendly websites in search results!

So how does your web site look… and how does it work on a smart phone?  How about an iPad?
At Precision Intermedia we are specializing in creating responsive websites. These sites are built to literally respond to the size and orientation of the computer screen, window or mobile device they are being viewed on, displaying the best layout for every user. We are creating many of our clients' custom designed websites to be responsive, and we're featuring a number of pre-built responsive themes as economical alternatives to custom design. We're also working every day on upgrading existing non-responsive websites to be mobile friendly.


Go ahead, take a look at your site on your phone. Do have to scroll like crazy to see it all? Are images missing? If it's not really helpful to people when they get to your site on a phone or tablet, call us at Precision Intermedia. Our responsive websites are easy to look at and easy to use on any mobile device.