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Strategic Marketing...It all starts with your brand and your unique message that breaks through the ordinary. The goal is to have people notice your business and remember your message. It's what becomes imprinted in the public consciousness, so when someone needs your product or service, they already know about you!

Sometimes we'll start with a new unique branding platform including colors, logo and a tag line that makes a promise which is believable, appealing and memorable. Your branding platform becomes the basis for a cohesive campaign, emphasizing a consistent overarching theme. Our team of marketers, graphic designers and social media marketers will brainstorm the possibilities and present various branding platforms you can choose from. 

Other times we'll work with an existing branding platform, unifying the ways its used, improving its effectiveness, and perhaps creating a new tag line for a new campaign. 314intermedia works with you, researching your position in the marketplace, and creating a customized marketing plan that makes your business STAND OUT.
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