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There are billions of web sites on the internet. In fact, there are so many that you can’t read them all in a life time and if you want to find a web site on a particular subject, you’ll need to use a search engine. There are hundreds of search engines but the three largest and most used are Google, MSN and Yahoo!
Each of those engines has huge directories of web sites from all over the world. Most web site owners want to get high rankings in their subject area in the search engines because if you want to be found among the billions you must have high visibility in the search engines.
Humboldt web design firms are not exempt from these rules! Our local Humboldt web design firms are competing with the world and must use a sound optimizing strategies to get good search engine rankings. Precision Intermedia is particularly good at it—but, unfortunately, not all Humboldt County web design firms know how to get those coveted high rankings.
Building Blocks to Achieve Good Rankings: your Humboldt Web Design Firm Should be Proficient with both Web Design and Strategic Optimization
Capturing high rankings in the search engine is both an art and a science that fills whole books to explain in detail, but there are three foundational principles of the task:
Humboldt Web Design tenet #1: First is to get good saturation of your web site. This means get many of the pages of your site listed in the search engines. If all you have listed is your home page, you have low saturation and fewer opportunities to be found by web searchers. If you make your site easy for the search engines to crawl or spider, it increases the number of pages of your site they will list in their directory.
Humboldt Web Design tenet #2 Second, keep the content on your site tight and tied to your overall theme. If your site is about UFO’s don’t throw in a page about how to grow roses and expect to get high rankings on it. If your site is about UFO’s keep your information about things that pertain to that broad subject (types of space ships, info about planets, stars, galaxies, UFO sightings, books about unidentified flying objects, etc.). And keep your information fresh! If the search engine spider comes to crawl your site and notices that you haven’t added anything in fourteen months, they are likely to skip you and add instead another web site that is adding information weekly or monthly.
Humboldt Web Design tenet #3 Third, make link popularity a constant task. Search engine spiders and bots are programmed to look for links— they want to see different types of links, they want to see links that are relevant to your subject or theme and they want to see that you have built your link popularity in a steady, on-going manner (rather than a frenzy of 24 links added in January and another 30 the next year. Adding a couple per month all year long is what search engines like to see.
Our Humboldt web design work, and all the web design and multimedia marketing web design work done by Precision Intermedia is done with these three foundational factors as a basis. But there is more... much, much more to gaining high search engine rankings. When you are ready to be found on the internet, we are ready to help you get there.

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