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Finding Content

Once you have logged in you will have access to Administration menus, and small tool tabs will appear on most pages.

The preferred method of getting to the Content Editor by most users is to navigate to the desired page and click on the "edit" tab that appears at the top of the page.  This will take you into the edit mode for that content.  If you can not find something in this manner check out the second method below.

The above method will work for most of your site's content, but not all.  Sometimes it is easier to view the content list.  This is a list of all your site's content with filters so you can view specific content types only.  You access the content list through the top administration menu.  Simply click on "Find Content" in the light gray bar, or "Content" in the black bar.
This will bring up the content list which is simply a list of titles.  From here you can click on a title to view the content directly, or use the edit links on the right.  You can filter the list to show content of a specific type or status.  You could view basic pages only, or just photo galleries, or unpublished content.  You can also do bulk operations by checking the boxes next to specific titles, then use the dropdown menu under Update Options to select your action, then click Update to apply your change.