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How To Design a Great Logo

Tips On Designing A Logo That Tells More About Your Business

We are often asked: WHAT MAKES A GREAT LOGO?
First, define your product or service. If you have a mission statement, use that as a starting point.  Then write down all the activities your company does – no matter how insignificant they might seem.  Both core activities and the seemingly insignificant ones might factor into your final logo design.
Second, create and collect overall image ideas. Brainstorm your list of all the activities to form image ideas that depict each one.  Don’t throw out anything as “silly” or “stupid” because sometimes those are the very ideas that form a basis for a truly great logo.  The more fun people have doing this part the better!
Now you have a list of all the things you do and a collection of images to show what you do.  You have all you need to really get into the serious business of creating a great logo.  The next task is condensing all the ideas in one sentence that says it all.  This sentence should sum up what the company or product is and what it does. Keep working on that sentence to make it shorter and more precise.
Ok, it’s time start the mix and match process. You have your words and you have your images.  Which match the best?  Have fun with this, using all kinds of fonts, colors, large print, small print, silhouettes, and acronyms. Be creative in your matching.  Think about these words and images as billboard or mini-card size.  Do they look good in silhouette? Can the words form a good acronym?  Don’t expect your best idea to pop up in twenty minutes.  Maybe it will come to you as you are driving home later. Many factors play into logo design, like how they will reproduce when enlarged or reduced, and even the psychology of the color that you pick. But if you have done these steps you are on your way to creating a great logo.
Next step is make sure you aren’t infringing on anyone else’s logo.  If yours closely resembles one already established, a lawsuit could follow.  Trademark searches are usually best done by a law firm specializing in trademarks and copyright.
When the above steps are done, it’s time to actually create the artwork. Engage the best artists you can afford to develop concept sketches. Think about all the ways and places you are going to use the logo. Your signage, the number of colors, the size of everything and how much things will cost may change the way you decide to go. Use professional tools and talk to your printer now, before your make your final art. Never use a cheap software program or a greeting card creation program to create your artwork. Those products are rarely compatible with high-resolution printers. Ask around and see what really works. Of course we're here if you need help, just drop us a line.