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7 Reasons Why You Need A Content Management Website

Maintaning a website can be a technically complex, time consuming, and sometimes costly process; At least, it used to be. With the advent of the Content Management System, this has changed. A Content Management System, or CMS for short, is a form of computer software that integrates directly with a website and allows webpages to be added or changed easily. It basically organizes your website for you and makes managing its content simple. Below, we have highlighted seven reasons why modern websites should use Content Management Systems. A CMS is:

1. It's Cost Effective!Paying money every time you need your web site updated is SO last century!  Content Management Systems make updates simple and intuitive. Sure, we'll update your site and charge you if you want us to, but we'll also empower you or your staff to do it yourself! And if you DO have us do it, your CMS is so efficient that it will take us LESS time and cost you LESS money!

2. It's Usable!While you need to hire a company like ours to customize and integrate the CMS into your website, once that's done, you're empowered to manage the content of that site yourself in a straight-forward way. You won't have to worry about dealing with complex software or code to do so. In fact, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser!

3. It's Simple!The days of webmasters or or programmers having to create each page on your web site by hand as a new document are gone! This historic method of creating and updating web sites is very cumbersome, time consuming and expensive. Your CMS eliminates an old world of time and money for updating your site. Plus, with CMS software, you won't have to worry about "dead links" that tend to plague outdated websites.

4. You Can Share the Workload!You can have multiple people set up as users to manage content on your site, so it doesn't all fall to just one person. You can even set up different permissions for your different users so each person can only edit and manage their own page or section of the site, or set it up for a wide community of persons to contribute content.

5. It's CustomPremade, generic, cookie-cutter web sites are no longer an effective option. Our seasoned professional graphic artists will create a custom design for your site and our CMS experts will take that design and create your custom functionality, so it looks the way you want it to look and works the way you want it to work! 

6. It's scalable!Your website can grow with your business. Pages or entire new sections can be added easily. You won't have to worry about the content of your website falling behind what your business offers.

7. It's Yours!You own it. Through Precision Intermedia, once the website is built, it is your intellectual property.

Precision Intermedia can integrate a CMS into your website. To get an understanding of how efficient and empowering page maintenance with a CMS is, contact us for a demonstration!