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The Key Elements of a Good Ad

Good Ads: What Makes a Good Ad?

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Test your knowledge of advertising with a few basic questions about what makes a good ad—the answers are below.

1. What will the consumer read first?
a) a powerful header
b) a graphic caption

2. Which is better?
a) small graphics
b) a large graphic
c) no graphics

3. Babies in ads are powerful to which consumer group?
a) all groups
b) boomers

4. Which is better to capture the consumers interest?
a) great benefits
b) compelling information


What makes a good ad -Answers:

1. B
Consumers have been bombarded with info and ads to the point where they skip the header and their eye goes to the graphic elements first. Make it memorable!

2. B
Large, striking graphics are best—no one reads, they scan. Small graphics irritate the squinting scanners.

3. B
Babies sell best to boomers, but are generally always a safe bet.

4. A
Capture the consumers interest with an exciting benefit for them—that sells way better than compelling info (unless it's in a web site, then info wins).


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