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Marketing 101

Getting To Know the Terms Used In Marketing

Marketing 101: One Clear Goal
The major components of marketing are branding, positioning and advertising. The one clear goal of all marketing is to be firmly imprinted in the mind of consumers even if they don’t use your services yet. All of the components together make up what we call the marketing thrust.
Marketing 101: What Are the Basics of Marketing?
Branding is your name, logo, colors and tagline – together they should offer the consumer an emotional, believable, promise.
Marketing 101: What is Top of Mind?
Another important part of branding is positioning, or standing out in front of the competition—good positioning is when you are the first company consumers think of when your profession is mentioned.
Marketing 101: What Are the Methods of Marketing?
And finally, there is advertising—the method which imprints what you offer on the consumer’s mental map.  This is the marketing activities pace, which can range from extremely passive to extremely active. An example of an extremely passive marketing thrust is a speaking engagement where the speakers place of business is mentioned in the introduction. An example of extremely active marketing is a loud and obnoxious television ad that is remembered mainly because it’s been shown thousands of times and impossible to ignore (even if it irritates consumers, the message is successful when it is remembered).