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California Online Marketing


California is unique and so is California online marketing!! How so you say? Well in california online marketing you have to capture the interest of the California online shopper which is not exactly the same as one in Connecticut, Kansas or Utah. The basics of California online marketing fit national norms of SEO or SEM work.

Marketing your online business is sometimes called SEO or SEM work (Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing). Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, actually, it's a many-faceted subject that can fill a book — this page is just an “appetizer” on the subject.

Today, to have a successful web site you have to build in a strategic and aggressive marketing plan.

There are many “easy to use” applications available today that allow anyone to build a web site without knowing the first thing about HTML or web site design language. These software makers claim: “You can do it yourself quicker and cheaper!” But ... what they don't tell you is, what you build might not ever be found on the internet because a search engine didn't list it and the site just isn't marketable.

So, you may ask, “Why do I need to be concerned about the marketability of my web site?”

The answer is simple: there are literally billions of web pages on the internet — so many that you can't see them all in one lifetime no matter how fast your internet connection. How are people going to find yours if you don't market it? You have to be easy to find in the search engines. We have hundreds of examples of high rankings in the search engines that we have garnered for with California online marketing for business owners in Humboldt County, and other California areas.

It takes skill and hard work to get high search engines rankings. But without them, they will not come no matter how good your web site might (or might not) be. Can we do this to any web site? Not always. Some web sites are just not marketable and a re-design is require to achieve good search engine rankings. You can spend thousands of dollars and still have bought nothing more than a "dead web site" if no one can find it.

Is your web site being found? Give us a call, we can help.

California Online Marketing - Marketing for California websites.